Legal Track Session #5
Surveying Pandora’s COVID-19 Box: Review of The Pandemic’s Continuing Impact on Employment Law Compliance and Personnel Management
David Warner, Centre Law & Consulting, LLC >>

Even with the Biden Administration’s vaccine mandates currently tied up in litigation, the federal, state and local government responses to COVID-19 have introduced tremendous uncertainty along with potentially onerous compliance obligations. This session will review the then-current state of the law concerning vaccine mandates, accommodating employee religious and disability accommodation requests to COVID-19 safety protocols (including vaccines), COVID related employment litigation, and practical/compliance challenges with the labor market’s increased expectation around remote work, particularly in white collar industries.

Learning Objectives:
1. Understand the then-current state of federal, state and local vaccine mandates
2. Learn about key state and local compliance obligations, using the DMV as an exemplar
3. Understand the accommodation process and standards relating to vaccine and other COVID-19 safety obligations
4. Know how to respond to potential cybersecurity incidents
5. The current state of employment-related COVID-19 litigation and how to insulate your nonprofit from becoming a “test case”

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